Retail Floors

Summit understand the demands of a retail space, often resulting in time constraints. Our unique and fast process can meet your retail flooring needs. Go with a durable basic finish or a fully protected polish.

Warehouse concrete floor


Is your main goal to protect your floor? Our matte finish is an affordable and fast way to help your floor withstand foot traffic, forklift traffic and eliminate concrete dust. Perfect for warehouse stores and retail spaces working on a tight budget.

Restaurant concrete floor


Looking for a customizable solution? Our satin finish is the perfect solution for niche retail spaces looking for added protection against foot traffic and/or food spills with the addition of a unique esthetic design matched to your liking.

Retail polished concrete


Summit's premium system is designed to give you high gloss and superior durability. The beautiful surface is strong enough to withstand daily retail traffic, spills and scratches. It is built to last with a customized  and simple maintenance plan.