Low maintenance floor

Easy to Maintain

With Summit's polishing system, your floor does not need stripping or wax application. Summit works with you to create a maintenance program that is seamless and keeps your floor lasting longer. Protecting your investment is key.

polished concrete floor


Our unique polishing process hones and treats the floor leaving the surface strong and long lasting. Summit's polished concrete can withstand foot traffic, forklift traffic and staining better than the untreated surface.

budget concrete floor


Polished concrete is versatile; there are a variety of options available to fit anyone’s budget. The diversity of polished concrete allows you to choose the best option for you at an affordable price.

Modern concrete floor

Modern & Aesthetic

Polished concrete lends itself to a very clean aesthetic. A polished floor can easily fit the needs of the owner, whether it be increased light reflectance or a very modern look.