Polished concrete offers versatility

Along with easy maintenance and a long service life, polished concrete offers versatility in sheen levels and aggregate exposure. Below we have outlined sheen options and aggregate exposures which include with an example photo to help you gauge the best solution for your project.

Sheen Levels


A matte finish absorbs light enhances the natural tone of the concrete.


Gives a modern look, similar to matte finish, but with a slight shine that provides some light reflection


A high level of reflectivity, a modern look and durable surface protection.

High Gloss

A uniform, mirror-like surface. Will reflect lighting in the facility.

Aggregate Levels

Cream Finish

Mainly paste, with fine sands randomly exposed

Salt & Pepper Finish

Mainly fine sands up to 1/8” aggregate exposed with paste

Medium Aggregate

Mainly 1/8” to 1/4” aggregate, with paste and larger aggregate randomly exposed

Large Aggregate

Mainly 1/4” to 3/8” aggregate with paste and sand in between